December 6, 2023

Mat service vs purchasing mats- Which is best?

What’s the best way for businesses to buy custom logo rugs? Do you rent or own them? You can choose to go with or without service. The debate over mat service vs. buying mats has reached a conclusion. Let’s examine both options individually, to find out which one is best.

Here are the best purchasing mats for your business

Mat service is cheaper than buying mats. Mat service is renting. Each product remains with the service provider at the end. While this might seem to be a good argument for owning mats it isn’t.

Extra long-term expenses

Although it’s nice to pay upfront for your equipment, you’ll end paying more over the long term. Many mat service options include maintenance and replacement options. However, ownership does not. You are responsible for the care and maintenance of your own goods. The cost of staffing and equipping laundries on premise is too high. This is somewhat you should evade at all cost. It will help to maintain your carpets, but it won’t replace or repair any of them, which can take up yet more of your budget.

Poor maintenance

If you are looking to save money on laundry, there are two options. It’s possible to get help from a maintenance team, but it’s much cheaper to just rent mats. You may also have difficulty judging their overall quality against their competitors. This could lead to you wanting to hire someone better. There are two options. One is to have your staff wash the mats. But they might not be experts. This is a cheaper option, but not the most reliable. In either case, you can’t be certain you’ll get exactly what you want.

Unreliable inventory

Customers-owned goods are a constant challenge. Items that are lost or damaged must be replaced by the company. This is also true for damaged or broken items such as mats.

Mat service is not to be missed!

Mat service can be a much more economical and reliable method to work with mats. Ultimate has been easy to work with you:

Long term savings in the long-term, buying upfront is more expensive than maintaining everything yourself. We offer mat services at competitive prices and include laundry, maintenance, as well as full replacements.

Get proper maintenance. All you need to ensure quality maintenance are our experts, high-tech tracking technology and state of the art machinery.

Always have the right products in stock. We ensure you always have what you need in stock and are constantly on top of your inventory. We will quickly and efficiently resolve any issues with mats, so you won’t even notice.

Contact ultimate mats today!

Mat service wins out over purchasing mats when it is about mat service. You can reap the many benefits of mat service, but they are outweighed by all the disadvantages. Ultimate mats can help you get your mat service started today. Contact us to collect more info about our service area and products.