December 6, 2023

Staging your Home for Sale – The Magic Step to Sell It Quicker

Recently, I was chatting with some people at a wedding and the conversation turned toward
today’s real estate market.

John, a friend from San Jose, CA, shared a familiar story about a fascinating and yet familiar subject.
Story. It was a story I wanted to share with you all.

John and Liz decided to sell their house. The couple bought the house in 2004 and saw it as their home.
It was gaining in value and they decided to sell it this summer. Four different interviewees were interviewed.
Agents to sell their house and they finally chose the one who would sell their home
They wanted it to be sold for.

They thought the home was worth $625,000. They were the first three agents to come in to inspect the home.
Interviewees for the listing said that the house would not sell at this price and that they were not interested in selling it.
You should think about listing it below $600,000. All felt that $589,000 to $5599,000 was the right price.
“Magic” number.

John is a commercial real-estate broker. He was aware that the asking price was too high, but he still wanted to buy.
He was not in a hurry to sell. He didn’t like that these agents weren’t selling anything.
Any “solutions” were not discussed. They were discussing the “problems” that he would face at higher levels.

John and Liz were informed by these agents about current market conditions in their area. If
It would take 120 days to sell their home. There was a 55% probability that the home would be sold.
During these four months, the home didn’t sell. Based on their expectations for their home, they wouldn’t sell it at all during these four months.
They needed to be ready for it at home. Agents advised them to think about
The price will be lowered.

John and Liz discussed the possibility of lowering their prices. They met with a fourth person.
agent named Lynette.

Lynette came in to present her case. It wasn’t that different from the rest.
She also explained to them the days of the market and the likelihood of selling their house. She
She also suggested that they might be a bit expensive, but she then offered an alternative.

Lynette suggested that we stage our home with a professional staging company.
This home will cost approximately $4000. We will list your home for $625,000.
To offset some of the expense, I will split it with you when I sell your house.

Lynette and other real estate professionals are skilled in selling and marketing.
Home stagers can help you open and close your home. These are artists who create your home.
Home for sale

Home stagers are experts in arranging your home to enhance the flow of your life. They can remove or re-arrange items.
Furniture. They can also eliminate clutter. They might even add photos, bedsheets, or paint.
You can make your home more attractive by adding art, rugs, and other objects. These items may also enhance the beauty of your home.
Curb appeal

They want to make a lasting impression on potential homebuyers.
They pull up in front of your house.

Lynette said that the house’s decor was modern and beautiful, but it was not contemporary.
Their three young sons and their busy lifestyle made the home cluttered. The home
It didn’t feel as big as it should because it was too stuffed with too many items to display.
Correctly. She told them that the home was too personal. They were given a picture of the boys
All over the house, from birth to last season’s soccer playoffs.

She advised them to compete with home builders offering new homes.
Buyers receive the best purchase incentives She stated that when you walk into the
You are “blown away” by the model homes built by the builder.

Lynette stated, “THAT’s your competition.” “You must blow away those people who are not your competition.”
You can also invite her to your home.” She explained that her last clients were the ones who hired her.
Home staging companies sold their house in under 60 days. They didn’t discount their homes
Ask for a price

John and Liz weren’t thrilled to spend $4000 and were certainly not excited about taking the plunge.
They were encouraged to take down photos of their loved ones, but Lynette’s creativity was a great encouragement.
idea. They were genuinely concerned about selling the home.
It was done.

John stated that the home staging company made John’s house feel like a hotel.
They took out more than they put in but it looked better, almost like a bed.
He said, “It’s a breakfast hotel.” He laughed and said, “It almost made it want to stay there.”
It worked. The house was sold in three weeks at the $625,000 listing price. Lynette did an
Amazing job, from start to end! Thank you!